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Gloomhaven is a co-operative adventure game for which immerses you in the fantasy world, surrounding the town of Gloomhaven, as imagined by designer Issac Childres. By playing the game over many scenarios, you’ll develop your own character and learn to cooperate in the game’s tactical, card driven combat system.

The game is scenario based, with a story woven between each scenario that you will find in the book. As you encounter new characters they might lead you to discover new areas of the board – applying stickers to customise the board itself. You can choose where to explore, as well as choosing the outcome of different events along the way. For each scenario, you’ll build a unique map of game tiles, populated with terrible creatures, which you must defeat to succeed. You’ll gain experience and treasure along the way, allowing you to upgrade your adventurer with skills and items to help in further scenarios.

Gloomhaven is suitable for players aged 14+, 1-4 players and has an estimated game play time of 30 minuets per player


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